Pulso offers scientifically based support for your well-being policy

There are a number of players operating in the 'support for well-being at work and HR' market. And you want to avoid charlatans or pseudoscience: models, methods, measurement tools and therapies with no scientific basis, that are demonstrably inaccurate or even harmful. You want to work with a partner who understands your business, who assesses your concerns accurately and who works with you pragmatically. That is Pulso.

In our collaboration with you, we are guided and inspired by science, facts, figure and practical examples with a proven effect. As a spin-off from the University of Leuven, science is in Pulso's DNA. That is evidence in

  • our close collaboration with internationally renowned researchers and professors
  • the development, evaluation and adjustment of innovative applications, measurement instrument and tools based on scientific insights and research
  • participation in international research projects with practical applications
  • our own research, conducted both on our own initiative and with our customers

Pulso's own research

Our internal research aims to create more quality in our service provision through

  • a scientific basis for our activities and tools
  • constant evaluation and improvement of our services and products
  • innovation and the development of new services and products
  • links to scientific research conducted by insurers, companies, governments, universities and colleges
  • the preparation and evaluation of policy related to psychosocial well-being

Research with you

Together with our clients

  • we conduct research in relation to well-being companies, care institutions, insurance companies, government institutions and of the general public. 
  • we are partner of innovation related to well-being and (mental) health: we work with you on screenings, online toolsbespoke advice, training sessions and self-tests. We apply our experience and expertise to help you consider how best to implement this service.