About Pulso

Pulso works with managers, employees and partners to build healthy organisations, where staff are passionate about their work. Find out more about the guarantees, team, background and partners of Pulso.

Your organisation faces the challenge of remaining competitive and ensuring every day that employees are engaged and inspired. Pulso can offer you all the support you need to overcome these challenges.

Our mission, ambitions and values

Pulso believes in the power of innovation, co-creation, authenticity and more. What are our objectives?

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Our team

Get to know our four specialist teams and our network of over 350 counsellors.

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Our history

Pulso's roots go back as far as the non-profit organisation Limits vzw, ISW and Eupora. Consequently, Pulso has gained more than 20 years' experience.

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Our partners

Which partners does Pulso work with to offer you optimum support?

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Feel free to ask. Our team would be happy to look at the options with you.

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