How does an EAP work?

When you provide an Employee Assistance Programme for your staff, the procedure to be followed when problems arise is clear, accessible and reliable.

  1. As an employer, you decide how much counseling your employee can use. You determine the number of sessions, among other things
  2. If your employee has a problem, they contact us voluntarily. They can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either online or through a toll-free number. Confidentiality is always guaranteed. 
  3. After an initial registration phone call, the caller is transferred to a specialist counsellor in their own region. A short and solution-oriented counseling plan is agreed together.
  4. Your employee has a few sessions with the counsellor, outside work hours and not at the workplace. We look for the fastest and most pragmatic solution together. If more long-term counselling or more specialist help is needed, the counselor will refer the employee to the most suitable service. These next steps are then payable by the employee, as they are no longer a part of the employee assistance programme offered by the employer. 

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