Careers with care: focus on the care-work balance for parents of a child with special needs

This project supports parents of minors with special needs in their personal quest to find a good balance between living with a child with special needs and their own career. Caring for a child with a disability or a chronic illness, often leads to parents having to suspend or reduce their own professional life. The project 'Careers with Care' provides guidance on making an informed career choice and on the feasibility of combining care with work or training.

'Careers with care' is an innovative project commissioned by ESF Flanders, carried out by the University of Leuven in collaboration with Pulso (before ISW Limits), VDAB and Thomas More K-Point. The intersectoral project has gathered and developed tools that provide support on career issues for parents and professionals.

  • Professional tools for the career actors (VDAB (Flemish Employment Agency), career counselling services, etc.) and the care actors (home care service, VAPH (Flemish Agency for People with a Disability), 'DOP' support plan service, etc.). These tools provide practical and theoretical background information and support in discussions on career issues with the parent of a child with special needs. Most of these tools can also be used to support other carers.
  • Parent tools support the parents either during a discussion with a career or care actor or for individual use.

You can find these tools and more information on the Loopbaan met Zorg (Careers with Care) website.

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