HappyCare: increase your own mental resilience

Work-related stress is one of the main reasons for sick leave and incapacity for work. That is why it is important to take care of your employees' mental health. This yields results: mentally resilient employees can save a lot of money. People who feel good about themselves perform better.

What is HappyCare based on?

Research shows that a person can influence their own happiness by 40%, by adjusting their behaviour and way of thinking. This means everyone can work on mental resilience. HappyCare is an online self-help tool that helps increase mental resilience by means of exercises, testimonials, advice and information.
The strategies used within HappyCare are based on scientific research: positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and health psychology.

How does HappyCare work?

  • First, the participant completes a questionnaire. Certain topics are then recommended based on their individual results.
  • In the tool, the user finds a map with seven paths to happiness. Each path has a number of resting points. You can walk from one resting point to the next and choose your own route. By clicking on a path, you arrive at the different topics containing exercises and information: motives, values and goals, positive relationships, changing negative thoughts, relaxing, paying more attention to the here and now, focusing on things you can change and a healthy lifestyle.
  • As well as the path, every month there is a new tip to increase resilience. Users can also receive this by e-mail.
  • Your organisation can create its own page within this tool ('Happy@...'). On this page, you can inform your employees about initiatives related to well-being at work, useful contact people, etc.

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