To the new welfare-normal

The Covid-19 crisis has a huge impact on organizations, an impact that is also felt in this phase of the restart.

Restarting and reintegrating in the workplace poses challenges associated with the new economic reality and (structural) changes for many organizations. Challenges that need to be viewed from a well-being perspective, so that organizations and people can maintain the necessary resilience.
Pulso supports these challenges, both organization-wide and specifically towards managers, teams and employees.

What after the lockdown?

At organizational level: Ready to launch

Pulso is happy to discuss with you whether your company can start working "Corona-proof" with regard to psychosocial well-being. In a package of 3 online meetings we come together to a "restart & well-being policy" with the necessary actions at all levels.

At the level of the (line) managers

Responding to themes such as change, resilience & mental check-in, we support your managers and HR BPs in thesupport of their people. We propose online training, coaching and / or intervision.

At the level of the teams

Pulso supports teams that are heavily affected by the consequences of the crisis, such as teams in reorganization, and teams under heavy pressure and stress. Our team coaches can help with coaching and intervision sessions.

At the level of the employees

A new phase is also dawning for employees; a phase with new challenges in maintaining your resilience. Pulso provides customized online training and provides individual guidance.

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