Support for rapid and sustainable reintegration of employees

Absenteeism in organisations is an expensive matter. Not only for society, but also for the employee and the employer. Absenteeism entails a number of direct and indirect costs that are best limited as much as possible. Moreover, absenteeism is seen as only the tip of the iceberg, a first visible indication that the wellbeing and motivation of employees needs some attention. Everyone in an organization therefore benefits from a strategic policy concerning absenteeism and reintegration. Pulso also offers a reintegration program for your employees.

The Pulso reintegration programme (RPP)

Pulso's reintegration programme aims to support employees who are absent due to psychosocial problems and get them back to work in a fast, educated and innovative manner. With a systemic perspective we coach employees to get back to work in a sustainable and healthy way.

The Pulse reintegration program includes the solution-focused facilitation of getting back to work. Employees (whether or not on referral) can reach out to our casemanagement to get in touch with a Pulse certified reintegration coach, with a background in cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy. The method used by the reintegration coach is based on literature, experience and research and was developed in part within the framework of an ESF project (for more information, see This method consists of four fixed phases in which tailored work for the client is possible:

  • Intake: Introduction to client and his/her problem
  • Analysis: In-depth analysis of the problem at the level of the individual and the work situation, drawing up an action plan for reintegration.
  • Action: Treatment and elaboration of action plan
  • Follow-up: After restart. Evaluation and relapse prevention

Each treatment is always tailored to the employee. The employee has the choice to follow this process face to face or via online sessions. Before and after the sessions, the employee has access to various tools on- and ofline that offer supplementary support during the guidance.

The treatment trajectory is complemented with interventions focused on the employer. These include medical reporting to the company doctor, sharing process information to the employer/reintegration coach, telephonic contact with the employer/reintegration coach, follow-up interview and a coordination meeting with everyone who is involved.

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Internal reintegration case management team

As an organization you can also choose to organize the reintegration case management yourself. In this case, Pulso can help you screen, train and supervise internal employees.

Whatever service you choose, Pulso always takes into account the phases that are currently prescribed in the reintegration legislation. After all, this legislation formalises the steps that have to be gone through when an employee wants to resume work after sickness/incapacity for work.