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Process consultancy: strategic well-being policy for your employees

 Pulso helps you in building up a vibrant organisation with a business strategy that makes room for well-being and resilience. This enables all actors to work in an integrated manner towards a clear, long-term goal.

Attention is increasingly being given to employee well-being and resilience due to today's VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Speed, uncertainty, complexity and blurred boundaries are characteristic of the world in which we live and work today. The collective call for workable work is getting louder, in part because we are going to have to keep working for longer.

Why opt for a strategic well-being policy?

An organisation's agility and decisiveness depends on the adaptive capacity of its employees and teams. Care for employee well-being must be embedded in the day-to-day running of a company and consequently be a part of your company's DNA.
How does process consultancy work?

We guide you through one or more phases of the process:

  • Strategic focus and scope: Formulating the focus of your well-being policy (differentiation, performance, cost, risk, added value) and using it as a basis to determine the scope of the desired options.
  • Assessment and analysis: Conducting quantitative and qualitative measurements of resilience and well-being and making a gap analysis between the current and the desired range of options.
  • Programmes and plan: Defining a concrete range of options based on strategic priorities, developing short and long-term plans according to the available budgets.
  • Implementation: Encouraging successful use by mobilising stakeholders, highlighting the available options and developing a structured communication plan.
  • Monitoring: KPIs adapted to strategy, the development of a dashboard to monitor the results of the policy and adjust the programmes accordingly.

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