Pulso's history

Pulso's roots are in three companies, all specialised in the support of psychosocial well-being in organisations. Limits vzw, ISW and Eupora established their partnerships at different times.

1993: Limits vzw

Limits vzw is established in response to the Belgian Royal Decree on tackling unwanted sexual behaviour in private companies (1992). The organisation

  • registers reports of violence, harassment and unwanted sexual behaviour at work and provides mediation. Government services use Limits vzw as a central reporting point for education and the Flemish government.
  • trains mediators (in collaboration with Lucina from the University of Leuven).
  • works on a positive policy on treating each other respectfully at work.

1998: ISW

A number of professors from the Universities of Leuven and Nijmegen specialised in work organisation, behaviour, health and well-being set up the Institute for Stress and Work (ISW).

These professors (on this photo: Paul Eelen, Kees Hoogduin, Dirk Hermans and Omer Van den Bergh) join forces to conduct research into psychosocial well-being and to translate clinical and health psychology into professional tools and intervention methods. They are later joined by professors from the Universities of Liège and Louvain-la-Neuve. 

Prof. Koenraad Debackere and Raf Moons from the Gemma Frisius Fonds, University of Leuven supported ISW in the first few years with expertise in research, technology and finance.

2001: Eupora

Eupora Counselling Services is one of the first to offer EAP in Belgium. The business wants to extend psychotherapeutic knowledge to the corporate world and to give its clients' employees the opportunity to access the expertise of qualified psychologists quickly and discretely. Belgian clients have brought Eupora to ten different European countries, where it supports employees directly or through local partners.

Bénédicte Taymans d'Eypernon and Marcel Willems are the founders of Eupora.

2005: ISW Limits

ISW and Limits vzw conclude a partnership agreement. The company becomes a frontrunner for innovative projects and science-based tools and services. Many companies use ISW Limits

  • for employee assistance programmes (EAP)
  • for quantitative and qualitative surveys
  • for paths, guidance and training courses
on well-being, constructive collaboration, health, satisfaction and productivity at work.

Dirk Antonissen (CEO ISW) and Maureen Luyens (director of Limits vzw) join forces to provide a unique service for psychosocial well-being. ISW Limits expands further under the leadership of Dirk Antonissen.

2015: ISW Eupora

Eupora and ISW Limits decide to merge. This way we continue to lead the way in Europe in the field of EAP, psychosocial risk analysis and online tools, and we offer an extensive range of services related to well-being at work.
We work regularly and constructively with stakeholders such as general management, HR, external and internal prevention and protection services and employee representatives. The ultimate touchstone is always our clients' satisfaction.

2017: Pulso

Eupora and ISW Limits move forward together as Pulso.