GRIP: more energy and efficiency, less stress

GRIP is an online environment in which users can work on increasing their energy, reducing their stress levels and improving their efficiency. In short: GRIP helps people recharge their mental batteries. In their own time, in their own way, with or without help from others. GRIP therefore gives people control in their work, life and personal development.


How does GRIP work?

  • Personal development is GRIP's main aim, which can be achieved by following a development path with self-chosen modules. Based on the baseline measurement, GRIP will suggest a unique, personalised development path from around 50 modules. Just as if they were visiting a city, participants can either head directly for their destination or take a more adventurous route and gain new insights, let themselves be inspired, do things and compare themselves to others.
  • The available topics include: know yourself, healthy living and exercise, generate positive feelings, strengthen your mental resilience, invest in relationships, take control of your life, be good at what you do, continue to grow, live a meaningful life, etc.
  • You receive guidance along the way of completing each module on your personal development path. Within each module, you increase your knowledge and inspiration, gain more in-depth self-knowledge and practise the module's key topic "on the job". Each module helps you to increase energy and reduce stress.
  • GRIP shows your progress using a battery symbol. This battery gives you a constant, real-time view of your energy levels. Along the way and once you've completed the development course, you can see how much you have grown in the areas used for the baseline measurement.

What is GRIP based on?

GRIP is practical and inspiring and is based on a positive approach. In this way, this online tool uses positive psychology to increase participants' strength. The content has been developed by leading scientists and practitioners, based on the latest scientific knowledge in the field of positive psychology. So GRIP provides interesting content, with proven results.

GRIP for coaching

GRIP is often used as a component of coaching. Based on the outcomes of the baseline measurement, the GRIP model ascertains which modules best suit you, the person being coached. You complete ten online modules that support your coaching path. The results you achieve can be shared with your coach within GRIP.

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