Quantitative well-being survey: the S-ISW questionnaire

S-ISW questionnaire ('Short Inventory on Stress and Well-being') detects psychosocial risks at work. Pulso charts your employees' well-being and all influential factors, with objective, quantitative results.

You gain insight into what is happening within your organisation and are given the tools to improve well-being within your organisation.

  • negative experiences: to what extent do my employees experience stress? Are they at risk of a burn-out? Are they experiencing undesirable behaviour at work, such as harassment?
  • positive experiences: how motivated and enthusiastic are my employees? How involved do they feel in their job and their organisation?
  • work situation: work organisation, work content, work demands, working conditions, work relationships (the 5 Ws).

Scientifically founded

As a spin-off from the University of Leuven and UCL, Pulso develops its measurement instruments using a multi-disciplined team of specialists who build on research carried out by universities and their own practical experience. Our measurements also satisfy the methodological requirements in terms of validity and reliability.

Government recognition

The S-ISW was developed with support from the federal public service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue and the European Social Fund. The questionnaire is one of the few recognised instruments for the quantitative measurement of psychosocial risks at work.

Flexible and modular

The S-ISW is composed of different modules and can therefore be adapted or extended:

  • Management style
  • Change management
  • Ergonomics
  • Age-conscious staffing policy
  • Safety
  • Remuneration policy
  • Absenteeism
  • Health
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Undesirable behaviour
  • Engagement

The option to add extra open-ended or closed-ended questions tailored to your organisation.

Simple, and with professional guidance

The S-ISW questionnaire contains short, clear questions. The tool is available in different languages and can be completed online or on paper. The whole process is monitored closely and professionally by an experienced Pulso researcher.

Anonymity and confidentiality guaranteed

As an external and neutral partner, we guarantee confidential treatment of your employees' data and results. The Pulso researchers are bound by a code of ethics and conduct and never disclose individual answers and results. This is a necessary condition to ensure participants can answer the questionnaire entirely honestly.

With practical advice for the next steps

You will receive a comprehensive and detailed organisation report with extensive benchmarking and containing a graphical representation of all the results. This can be provided as a paper copy or you can view it online on a dashboard.
Furthermore, your organisation's results are compared with a broad and current reference group. Pulso has a Belgian reference group of approximately 150,000 observations from 250 different organisations in the profit sector, public sector and social profit sector.

An individual advisory report for each employee

This optional advisory report contains

  • the employee's results compared to a relevant benchmark
  • personalised recommendation with tips and tricks to improve his/her well-being
  • access to an online library where he/she can find a wide range of information on well-being at work.

The advice can also be supplemented with information specific to the organisation (e.g. contact people, training offers, employee assistance programme, etc.)

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