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Process consultancy: an integrated sick leave and reintegration policy for your employees

You want to invest in a sick leave policy and therefore in the well-being and productivity of your employees. Pulso would love to be your partner. We help organisations to tackle absenteeism (putting the emphasis on prevention) and to optimise reintegration.

The (in)direct costs for short- and long-term sick leave are rising for employees, organisations and society as a whole. What stands out is that sick leave often has a psychological cause. In fact, it is the most common cause of incapacity for work, even more common than back pain, for example. The Belgian government therefore introduced new legislation regarding sick leave and reintegration. Pulso's support package fits in with your requirements for compliance with this legislation.

Work is therapeutic

Pulso bases its advice and guidance on scientific research, experience from cases in other countries (e.g. the Netherlands following the 'Wet Verbetering Poortwachter ' (Gatekeeper Improvement Act) of 2002) and our own experience from the project 'Depression and Work' supported by the European government.
We believe a two-pronged approach is effective:

  • an integrated prevention policy on sick leave and reintegration
  • coordinated interventions within the first 4 months of sickness absence.
  • After all, we believe work is therapeutic. And that not working involves an element of choice that you can influence.

What programmes are possible?

We work with you in developing a broadly supported policy in which responsibilities are shared and a positive approach is paramount. And a policy that doesn't just focus on the absentees, but primarily ensures your staff are engaged in their work. Pulso offers a range of programmes to prevent and tackle absenteeism appropriately and to guarantee sustainable reintegration:

  • consultancy: analysis of your organisation's absenteeism figures, made-to-measure advice and guidance to reduce it and prevent more sick leave (through increasing employee resilience, limiting absence opportunities).
  • training courses: Pulso offers a wide range of training on psychosocial well-being. Within this area of training, you can select additional options such as 'sustainable, integrated attendance policy', 'conducting sick leave, intervention and reintegration discussions', etc.
  • reintegration case management: a more detailed training course for reintegration coaches, managers, HR staff, mediators etc., with additional information, tools and skills to support staff on sick-leave.
  • mediation and coaching: we provide counselling to employees to get them back to work sustainably.

The varied range of options is aimed at employees, teams, managers, HR staff, members of staff, prevention advisers, coaches, confidential counsellors, etc.

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