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Pulso South-East Europe

Pulso has years of intensive, international experience in psychosocial counselling in the workplace, offering services throughout Europe.

An integrated offer

Employees receive professional information, advice and counselling when they have work-related or personal questions and difficulties in order to increase their mental, physical and social resilience.
Employers increase productivity, engagement and effectiveness of their staff and reduce presenteeism, absenteeism and unwanted staff turnover.
Global Employee Assistance providers can work with an experienced, reliable and innovative local EAP provider.

Services available

  • 24/7 helpdesk for access to experienced case managers
  • Solution focused counselling and psychosocial support by a network of cultural aware, multilingual and certified counsellors
  • Critical incident support

Optional services may include:

  • career guidance and lifelong guidance (career information, advice, counselling and mentoring)
  • lifestyle coaching by coaches specialized in sleep, nutrition and exercise
  • management coaching by certified business coaches
  • legal and financial information and advice by legal and financial experts

What Pulso stands for

  • We bring together the best experts within the field of EAP and well-being at work.
  • We are guided and inspired by science, facts, figures and practical examples with a proven effect.
  • We cooperate with all actors involved to ensure a sustainable and successful programme.
  • We have a developed infrastructure in South East Europe.

Pulso has a full range of support for you, and offers several services and tools, complementary to EAP services

  • Well-being surveys and barometers to gain insight and to improve the well-being within the organisation
  • E-mental health tools to offer innovative online self-assessment, self-help, counselling and information
  • Specialized training, coaching and consultancy services responding to the identified needs of the company

Pulso's ambition is to be your well-being and resilience partner in Continental Europe

  • We have our own offices and network of consultants and counsellors in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey
  • We work with reputable European and globally active partners and offer them our Pulso high quality services and our customer centred philosophy
  • We are active in the leading European and worldwide Employee Assistance Forums and Associations

All of the above are strengthened by our partner PLAS, associated with PLANET, the leading Greek management consulting and project management company providing high value adding services in South East Europe.

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