Pulso guarantees integration through co-creation of your well-being policy

Pulso helps to build healthy organisations, where staff are passionate about their work. This can work if all actors work together. Pulso profiles itself as an integrator in the field of well-being policy, both preventive and curative, both policy-related and operational. That is how we co-create integrated solutions that sustainably increase the well-being of staff. 

We like to work with all internal and external actors preparing and implementing a plan that improves the well-being within your organisation. Our approach promotes

  • trust, openness and reflection within the partnership
  • change, an important factor for healthy growth and expansion

every organisation is unique. Together with you, we look for solutions tailored to your organisation. You're in control, we're your back-up. 

You want an integrated well-being policy, developed through co-creation?

We want to help you. 

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