The Pulso team

Pulso consists of 30 permanent employees in four different teams and a network of 350 carefully selected, specialist counsellors and coaches in the Benelux countries and France.


Surveys, Tools & Product Development Team

This is a multi-disciplinary team with in-depth IT, research and substantive expertise.

  • The team's primary tasks include guiding measurement processes and risk analyses, for which they use the S-ISW (Short Inventory on Stress and Well-being) to measure well-being and job satisfaction within your organisation. This can be supplemented with modules on specific topics. The work they perform is not just quantitative, participative risk analyses are also carried out in collaboration with colleagues from the other teams.
  • This team also implements existing online tools within organisations. These online tools mean that once an organisation's employees have filled in a questionnaire, they receive immediate individual feedback. They can also get tips and advice and complete exercises.
  • As well as implementing existing online tools, this team is also responsible for product development, including the development of specific, bespoke tools, based on research and in close consultation with the actors within your organisation. With this, the user-friendliness of products and correct and insightful reporting remains the main focus.

Training, Coaching & Consultancy Team

This team helps organisations to implement actions that increase involvement, motivation and satisfaction and to prevent or tackle stress, absenteeism and conflicts. The staff on this team are specialists in training and education, individual counselling, coaching, mediation and policy support.
Both teams, the Surveys, Tools & Product Development Team on the one hand and the Training, Coaching & Consultancy Team on the other, frequently work together on integrated projects. Clients frequently opt for an analysis combined with support when planning actions with a view to making a successful change.

EAP Team

If an employer offers individual counselling (through an EAP, or Employee Assistance Programme), employees can contact this team 24/7.

  • During office hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) the caller will immediately have an initial interview with one of our case managers. This is an exploratory conversation to get a clear picture of the situation. It enables the case manager to transfer the caller to the most appropriate therapist, psychologist or coach.
  • If the client contacts the EAP team after office hours, over the weekend or during national holidays, their call is transferred to the on-call service. The telephonist will make a note of the request and the caller's details and will pass them on to the case manager. The case manager will then contact the client the following day during office hours. There is always a psychologist on duty in the event of urgent calls and crisis situations.

Office Team

Pulso's Office Team ensures everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis and facilitates the work of the other teams. These staff members manage the organisational, administrative and financial tasks within Pulso.

Our counsellors

One of our biggest assets is our extensive network of qualified and carefully selected counsellors, who are diverse in specialisation, nationality, language, culture, gender, etc. 350 psychologists, coaches, legal experts and other specialists work together to provide qualitative solutions for clients in all regions of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.