Pulso Group European specialist in psychosocial well-being opens its doors in France

With a presence in France, PULSO demonstrates its ambition to consolidate its position as the European leader in the EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes) market. As Dirk ANTONISSEN, International Director of the Group, states: “France is a masterpiece of the puzzle for our future expansion. Many French companies have already trusted us for a long time. The creation of PULSO France allows us to meet new customers in a context with a huge need… for psychosocial support. It also strengthens our ability to carry out international projects with the criteria of quality and proximity that are ours. To meet this major challenge, we have full confidence in Brigitte Vaudolon. She has a long and solid experience in the field of well-being at work, an in-depth knowledge of the market and a natural leadership”.

Joining the PULSO group is for Brigitte VAUDOLON an obvious decision: " I have been working in partnership with Dirk and his teams for many years and I have always appreciated this unique combination of constant innovation dynamics, attention to quality, scientific benchmarks combined with an efficient and pragmatic approach. With at the heart of it all an essential aspect for me: truly embodied human values!"


Surveys and barometers via scientifically validated questionnaires.
Online tools created by mental health experts.
Individual support via tailor-made Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).
Consulting, training and coaching to improve organisational and team dynamics.


Press contact : marine@red-agency.fr / (+33) 1 40 28 99 89

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PULSO works with companies to build healthy organisations and stimulating work environments, where staff are passionate about their work. PULSO embarks on the French market with an experience of more than 20 years, recognised experts and proven tools.

Created in 1998 with Professors from the Universities of Louvain, PULSO is a reference company in the field of health and organisa- tional development and dynamics. PULSO is known for their innovative evidence based tools and services and for assessing and impacting psychosocial wellbeing. Their assessment and e-mental health tools were developed together with researchers of European universities and with the support of the European Social Fund.

Its Mission: To support all types of organisations (public, private, NGOs), managers and employees in building vibrant, healthy work environments, where teams and employees are passionate about their work.

Its DNA: A pragmatic approach guided by science, facts and good practices derived from more than 20 years of experience.

PULSO is part of the Asklepios group, a major healthcare player in Germany with more than 60,000 employees. Marco WALKER, COO of the Asklepios Kliniken is very pleased with this new step:

“The expansion to France is another important milestone in strengthening Pulso as the leading European EAP provider.”

A group which also includes Insite Interventions and Fuerstenberg Institute, the leading EAP providers in Germany and Minddistrict, the leading company in the field of e-health in the Netherlands.

PULSO is present in Europe and has subsidiaries in Benelux, Portugal, Greece and France. The group employs more than 60 staff and more than 400 freelance professionals.

Download the press release