Individual support for your employees

The way in which an employee performs in your organisation can be affected by the problems he or she has: absenteeism, unwanted employment path, presenteeism etc. Choosing personal, professional counselling by an external partner can therefore increase productivity, motivation and employee engagement.

With an employee assistance programme (EAP) from Pulso, your employees will receive professional information, advice and counselling when they have personal questions and difficulties. We will provide a short, discreet and solution-oriented intervention immediately. Furthermore, an EAP can be offered to their partner and children. Difficulties experienced by family members can also impact a person's professional life. 

Why choose individual support? 

Both the employee and the employer benefit many ways from individual support in the event of problems. 

More than 10 advantages

How does an EAP work?

When your employee uses an EAP , he/she goes through a number of stages

the 4 stages

What does an EAP consist of?

The EAP consists of a basic package of psychosocial support that can be extended according to the needs of your organisation.

discover the 6 extra modules

EAP during restructuring

During restructuring, Pulso helps companies to limit psychosocial issues for everyone concerned.

How does this work? 

EAP for managers

Pulso offers managers a discreet sounding board for every problem with or between employees. 

How does this work?

EAP for shocking events

Pulso offers psychosocial care for people affected by traumatising events, such as suicide, a work fire, robbery, an attack, an accident at work, etc. 

How does this work? 

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