What does an EAP consist of?

Based on a holistic vision on personal resilience, Pulso's employee assistance programme (EAP) supports mental, physical and social resilience. The basic package consists of psychosocial support. You can then combine this with separate modules to create a bespoke individual counselling programme.

Our basic psychosocial support package comprises information, advice and counselling on any personal questions, difficulties or problems employees may have, both in their personal life within the context of their work: stress, conflicts, their relationships with their partner, parenting,grief, depression, alcohol abuse, etc. 

Additional module: legal support

Information, advice and counselling on questions relating to divorce, maintenance, inheritance, employment contracts, insurance contracts, traffic law etc. Please note: we do not handle questions related to labour law. 

Extra module: budget

Information, advice and counselling on questions regarding an imbalance between income and expenditure; impending seizure of possession, drawing up a debt repayment plan, submitting instalment payment request, etc. Please note we do not handle questions related to cash investments. 

Extra module: sleep

Information, advice and counselling on questions regarding sleep quality for employees who wrok shifts, get (too) little sleep or have difficulty sleeping. 

Extra module: exercise

Information, advice and counselling on questions regarding (getting back into) a healthy and responsible exercise regime. 

Extra module: nutrition

Information, advice and counselling on questions regarding healthy eating habits and maintaining them. 

Extra module: burn-out

Structured coaching for coping better with stress, to prevent a burn-out. In just a few sessions, employees are given insight into the different building blocks of stress. They learn and practice skills to help them become more resilient when dealing with stress. 

Self-help online

In addition, Pulso offers E-mental health tools. These scientifically-founded <online tools> are accessible and easy to use. 

An extensive network of experts

To be able to fulfil each module to a high standard, Pulso works with a broad network of specialist counsellors and coaches: psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers; exercise experts, nutritions, psychologists who specialise in sleep problems etc. 

An EAP tailored to your organisation

Pulso develops a suitable EAP tailored to your needs, takes care of the launch and motivates staff to ensure optimum use of the service. We provide communication tools, presentations, workshops, etc. for this purpose. Furthermore, we present you with a regular, statistical and anonymised report on the use of the programme. In this we pinpoint any structural problems and  make recommendations for dealing with these issues at an organisational level. 

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