Individual support after shocking events

Pulso offers psychosocial care for staff who have been involved in a shocking event, also known as critical incident support. Incidents such as a work accident, suicide or the sudden death of a colleague instigate strong emotions. Equally, a company fire, robbery or attack can have a big impact on employees.

Suitable after-care for employees is often missing from crisis or disaster plans. When no suitable after-care is provided, however, unprocessed emotions can severely affect the employee's performance, for example due to post-traumatic stress syndrome. An employer can prevent psychosocial damage following shocking events. Pulso bases its approach on the trauma recovery process.

How does individual support work after a shocking event?

As an employer, you are offering employees a current or temporary employee assistance programme (EAP). Through the EAP, your staff can make an individual request for counselling at any time, supported by counsellors who are trained and supervised by crisis and trauma specialists.

  1. Pulso helps your organisation establish an internal psychosocial crisis team, including screening, training and regular peer support. Furthermore, Pulso works out a specific plan of approach with this team, using different scenarios for potential crisis situations within the company.
  2. Acute phase (0 – 72 hours after the shocking event): Immediately after the incident, the internal psychosocial crisis team provides the initial acute care, potentially with Pulso's support. 24 to 72 hours after the crisis or disaster, Pulso specialists conduct the first group after-care session with the victims and employees concerned.
  3. Processing phase (72 hours – 3 months after the shocking event): After three weeks, a second structured group after-care session is organised to detect which employees are still experiencing a strong impact on their performance.
  4. Fixation phase (> 3 months after the shocking event): Employees who are at risk of developing a negative fixation (post-traumatic stress syndrome) are referred to specialist help professionals. On the anniversary of the crisis or disaster, Pulso can also offer support in organising a commemorative event.

What is the added value of individual support after a shocking event?

You opt for

  • a supplement to the general crisis intervention plan
  • a concrete plan of approach tailored to the company
  • your own, well-trained team that will provide high-quality initial support
  • professional and specialist support when organising structured group after-care and commemorative events
  • less chance of absenteeism and presenteeism

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