Surveys & Assessments

Pulso's research team has all the necessary academic knowledge and expertise on quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Within our range of services there are a number of methods we can apply to your organisation. Following a survey, you can also count on professional guidance to draw up and implement an action plan.

Quantitative well-being survey

The WODTM questionnaire is a recognised and scientifically proven instrument to measure psychosocial well-being within your organisation.

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Qualitative well-being survey

The causes and suggestions for improvement can be explored in more detail through individual interviews or group discussions.

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Policy advice following research

Pulso will help you consider how you can shape your well-being policy at an organisational, team and individual level.

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Well-being barometers

The barometer tool helps you to keep your finger on your employees' pulse: is their psychosocial well-being improving?

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ROI studies

We link your employees' psychosocial well-being to your organisation's return on investment.

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Bespoke research and measurement

In co-creation, we convert innovative ideas into measurements tailored to your business, into a tool or service or into an advanced analysis.

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