Balance Tool: well-being balance for employees and organisation

The Balance Tool is an online tool to give employees insight into their own levels of stress and motivation and their perception of work. Users are offered possible actions to take in order to keep their well-being in balance.

How does the Balance Tool work?

  1. The Balance Tool starts with a short self-assessment (based on the S-ISW questionnaire) which explores psychosocial well-being at work and the personal experience of the work situation.
  2. Additionally, the individual score is compared with a reference score to give an indication of the risk: an increased risk when the score falls under the reference score, a decreased risk when the score is better than the reference score.
  3. The Balance Tool aims at empowering employees by giving them tips (supported by scientific research) on how individuals can take their well-being into their own hands. These general, advisory texts are inspired by the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy.
  4. You can also add specific advisory texts tailored to your organisation in the Balance Tool, allowing you to improve knowledge of the support you offer (internal and external social map) and to ensure it reaches the employees who will benefit from it.

How can the Balance Tool be used?

The Balance Tool can be implemented on a large scale as an individual development tool. You can use it to screen specific target groups within the organisation on well-being and their perception of the work situation.
This tool thus inspires both the individual employee and your organisation as a whole. You gain an overall picture of your employees' well-being, enabling you to shape your priorities and actions accordingly.

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