The added value of an EAP

The employee and the employer both benefit from an EAP (employee assistance programme). Why choose individual counselling for an employee?

Advantages for the employee

With the specific support, an employee works towards increased resilience and vitality

  1. with the help of an expert
  2. fast, accessible and free
  3. in a confidential atmosphere and environment
  4. also available to family members

Advantages for the employer 

By choosing individual support for an employee, 

  1. you are showing that you run a socially-responsible business.
  2. it makes your organisation more attractive to new employees. After all, you are differentiating yourself from other employers through your extra care for their well-being. 
  3. you fulfil the legal obligations regarding psychosocial well-being at work.
  4. you reduce presenteeism (working too much), absenteeism and unwanted staff turnover. 
  5. you increase productivity, engagement and effectiveness
  6. you gain more insight into difficulties your employees are facing.
  7. you are given advice on your general psychosocial well-being policy. 

EAP online

Our online platform is available to the employees of Pulso's customer organizations, who appeal to Pulso's individual services. This online platform (link to the portal) is an additional tool offered by our Employee Assistance Programme.

Clients get an additional service, a website where they can find different things:

  • Learn more about how the service works exactly, what services they are entitled to and how they can contact.
  • Read a library of advisory texts in the form of tips and tricks on all kinds of well-being and health-related topics such as physical health and lifestyle, psychosocial welfare, relationships and communication, career, etc.
  • Ability to complete self-tests and follow self-help modules.

In the long run, the possibilities of the online information platform will be further expanded.

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