Online tools

Research shows that online help can be effective. As with any form of self-help, counselling or therapy, this does require an amount of effort from the participant. It isn't a magical solution that works on its own.

Well-being in balance

The Balance Tool gives employees a picture of their own stress levels, their motivation and their perception of work

How does this tool work? 

Self-confident studying

Studies without Worries helps students deal with a fear of failure, uncertainty and procrastination.

How does this tool work? 

More mental resilience

HappyCare offers exercices, testimonials, advice and information to increase your mental resilience.

How does this tool work?

Screening of safety attitudes 

De Safety Attitude Screening© (SAS) evaluates safety perceptions and predicts safety behaviour in workspace.

How does this tool work?

More energy, more productivity

GRIP strengthens participants' personal development, using positive psychology. Choose from modules that give you control of your life and work.

How does this tool work


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