1 year Pulso, 20 years experience


Come and celebrate our anniversary. We present you a day full of workshops with best practices, interesting key note speakers and time to network while toasting on our anniversary.
With the participation of our clients and partners: AB Inbev, Proximus, Colruyt, Havenbedrijf Antwerpen, Delhaize, HSK, Fost Plus, Johnson & Johnson, Moderator VZW, Eurocontrol, …

Practical information


Tuesday May 15th 2018: 9:00 - 18:00
with networking reception and music until 19:00.


Museum M in Leuven
By car: close to Parking Ladeuze
By train: close to Leuven Station (10 minutes walk)


We accept a maximum of 150 attendees. Make sure you can attend by reserving your free spot asap. Registration closes at April 27th.
Consultants: by invitation only

Welcome Coffee (9:00 - 9:30)

Introducing: 1 Year Pulso, 20 years experience (9:30 - 9:45)

Keynote session (9:45 - 10:45): AB Inbev

Employee Assistance across the Belgian Borders – a European Employee Assistance programme at AB InBev

Marieke Van der Straeten (Manager Fonds Verhelst), Bénédicte Taymans (Partner Pulso Europe)
"I have a dream…", Léon Verhelst must have thought one day. Léon Verhelst, former director of the Artois group, had the dream of enhancing the well-being of all European AB InBev employees and their families. A dream that is still alive today via Fonds Verhelst. This fund enables the realisation of a well-being programme, consisting of several services among which the Employee Assistance Programme . A success story that shows how the sowing of seed by one single man, can have a lasting impact on a daily basis, thanks to the continuous work of hundreds of professionals. This session shows the origin of the Employee Assistance Programme at AB InBev, its concrete well-integrated services, and the conditions to make a European project work.

L'Employee Assistance Programme au-delà des frontières - le programme européen d'assistance aux employés de AB InBev

Marieke Van der Straeten (Manager Fonds Verhelst), Bénédicte Taymans (Partner Pulso Europe)
"I have a dream ! J'ai un rêve ! ..." c’est ce que Léon Verhelst a certainement dû se dire! Léon Verhelst, ancien directeur du groupe Artois, avait à cœur d'améliorer le bien-être de tous les collaborateurs européens d'AB InBev et de leurs familles. Un rêve encore bien vivant aujourd'hui qui se poursuit à travers le Fonds Verhelst. Ce fonds permet la réalisation d'un programme de bien-être composé de plusieurs services dont le Programme d'Aide aux Employés. Une histoire à succès qui témoigne de l’évolution et de l’impact durable des graines semées par un seul homme. Grâce au travail soutenu de centaines de professionnels le bien-être des collaborateurs de AB InBev est aujourd’hui une réalité concrète au quotidien. Cette session présente l'origine du Programme d'Assistance aux Employés chez AB InBev, les différents services qui le compose et comment ce projet s’est développé au niveau européen.

Keynote session (16:00 - 17:00): Proximus

An integrated well-being policy: Feel Great@Proximus

Jan Van Acoleyen (Chief HR Proximus), Sabine De Brauwer (Prevention Advisor Psychosocial Aspects Proximus), Inge Van den Brande (Senior Manager Pulso Europe)
The “FeelGreat@Proximus” project is a programme that focuses on increasing the physical, mental and relational resilience of the Proximus employees. In this keynote, Jan Van Acoleyen and Sabine De Brauwer will explain why this project was important for Proximus, how the project is anchored in the strategy of the organisation, what the building blocks of the programme are, how it was implemented within Proximus, and what the most important learning points are up to now. Inge Van den Brande will explain how Pulso contributes to this great project.

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